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Privacy Policy of Craftee

Craftee takes convenient steps to protect their privacy policies. We have prepared the statement regarding privacy policies for our entire website that we will never disclose with third parties.

The Security statements don’t apply your personal information to a third party for marketing purposes.

Craftee has the right to change, or update this statement at any time. Craftee collects the information directly from the users or with cookies. With information, additional terms and conditions are also provided before signing up for particular services. We use a secure server layer to encrypt your personal information.

While signing up, we may ask for your email address, name, and other details. Our websites use GA (Google Analytics) to track user information. This information supports us to recognize or track which part gets surfed. We are using strong security to prevent the misuse or loss of any information.

Craftee keeps online information secure against unauthorized access. Keep the confirmation email that may help you when the problem occurs while accessing any services. We are committed to quality experience customers and review your feedback to enhance our services.

We reserve the rights to disclose your information that we are required to do:-

  • By Law
  • To enforce our Terms and condition
  • To protect the privacy policy of craftee.
  • All Right Reserved by the Craftee Advertisement (Unit Of: Sheth Adcommunicate Private Limited)